Masterclass Niet-Fatale Verwurging bij slachtoffers van huiselijk/seksueel geweld
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European Family Justice Center Alliance​ verzorgd op 17 januari een symposium en op 20 januari een masterclass (niet-fatale) verwurging.


The 4th International Family Justice Center Conference is organized by the European Family Justice Center Alliance, the City of Rotterdam, Veilig Thuis Rotterdam-Rijnmond, Filomena (Center Domestic Violence and Child Abuse, Rotterdam-Rijnmond), Fier and Sterk Huis. The 1-day conference focuses on ‘Intimate terror’,
a very severe form of gender based and domestic violence. Intimate terror has a major impact on victims and their children. In the approach of domestic violence, we notice that intimate terror often last for a long time and that continuity in the approach is not always guaranteed. Intimate terror is characterized by large imbalance of
power in the relationship and by compulsive control of one partner over the other, by restricting freedom, isolating and using severe physical and psychological violence, including sexual violence. The victim and the children constantly feel threatened and unsafe. The conference will give forum to plenary speeches
from distinguished guests and break-out sessions by (inter)national experts focusing on intimate terror and coercive control from different perspectives:
victims, children and perpetrators. The speakers will go into the dynamics, consequences, how to recognize and acknowledge intimate terror ...
From the U.K. Prof. Jane Monckton-Smith, international recognized for her groundbreaking work on coercive control, will provide a keynote and
break-out session.
Our colleagues from the U.S. Alliance for Hope, Gael Strack and Casey Gwinn, founders of the FJC model, will share their international experiences
on intimate terror, coercive control and Non-Fatal Strangulation.

De tijd van de online Masterclass is aangepast naar 14.00-18.00 uur

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This masterclass focusses on one of the most hidden and lethal forms of domestic violence,with very serious consequences for the victims:
(non-fatal) strangulation. The 1-day Masterclass is recommended for professionals in learning the basics about the dynamics and impact of non-fatal strangulation, and how to recognize, disclose, question and investigate this form of violence. The role of the different professions (police, justice, help, victim support, medical and
health care) is described. Strangulation has been identified as one of the most lethal forms of domestic violence and sexual assault: unconsciousness may occur within seconds and death within minutes. Strangulation is an ultimate form of power and control where the perpetrator can demonstrate control over the victim’s next breath: it may have devastating psychological effects or a potentially fatal outcome. Strangulation is more common in domestic violence cases than previously thought.
This masterclass is interactive and based on case-studies and evidence-based methodology. It offers the professional tools and knowledge to deal with this form of violence and integrate specific attention into the daily work, with the purpose to prevent (further) strangulation, and reduce the impact and revictimization of the

Voor meer informatie zie de Flyer.

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